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Piano In the Dark feat. Mista Dent (prod. by Mista Dent)

by Sxvxnt

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(Intro: Mista Dent)
Every now and then, you've got life...
You've got life locked up in a chair...
Gotta grab life...
By its muthafxckin neck...
Look that muthafxcka in the face...

(Mista Dent)
Anger, depression, boredom, and rage
I need a mental map, my brain is sort of a maze
So I called upon The Essence in support of the mayne
So I can order the names of who we slaughter and slay
Black ink cross over contours of the page
I'm tossing pens in The River 'til the water is grey
Hip hop is my house and my mortgage is paid
So ain't go'n' be no goddamn foreclosures today
A man creep from the North past the side door
The other through the West and they both meet at the corner and exchange

Over the border he roared 'til it started to shake
Until the mortar, once restored
Lay unsorted and frayed
Sporting a fade
Sharp as any corner or blade (in rare form)
Stands The Essence: overlord of the stage
No longer openly straying
Zoning on forging in flames his own name (Stanstro)
Was the sobriquet claimed
Saying (Stan) was for the stanzas he exorbitantly laid
And saying (Streaux) was for the strophes from the poems he raised
Prosing was colder than polar homes
But the flow was inflamed
With presence honed and a focus shown via warrior's gaze
Up next

(Mista Dent)
Let's see what's next upon the menu
As I get you, bend you, spin you in your mental ride
Peeking through that slit in your window, see your innuendo
Then I bid you adieu as I fit you in my enterprise
We're from in the middle where nxggas pay no gratuity
Where the wind'll skin you where you hide
So I use my genuine engine of ingenuity, doing me
To rid you of them issues in due time
Shall I continue? Fine!
Sure, it's what I'm giving you, explode, rupture, end you
Rip through bone, muscle, tissue
Bxtch, I'm on; this fxcking venue's mine!

Ever aligned with the deadliest rhymers
Never stepping aside, though he reverences his idols
His rivals trying to vie, but their heaviest lines don't
Levy barely a sigh once they're met in mic zone (Nah)
So stand steady for the bevy's ready and ripe
Heavenly, meshed with heady: he's effervescently bright
Never test the best of the registry catching wreck in the Chi
'Less your record be recklessly wrecked, arrested, reviled
Better wrest your vest 'til it's nigh
Set it next to your pride
Let it rest and embed it so destined death won't abide

(Mista Dent)
My country, 'tis of thee is stressed, we're in misery, depressed
This industry is on one foot with a leg injury
In the midst of all this mess, we've got minds being twisted by the press
Tryna navigate the court without a sign sayin "slippery when wet"
You can take a fall
Hip hop has got a lot of debt, who go'n' pay it off (Who?!)
The ball is rolling off the court; who go'n' take the ball? (Who?!)
The middle west offense: MOVE, shake it off
It rises in the east, and it sets in the West, but (But)
But in the middle it illuminates it all

So few creators recall
The age wherein our stages were viewed
From stadium halls with our rulers shaping a cause
These newish nxggas just rave about who be making their draws
Staving a reawakening, blooming date for our genre
(But who's been graced with the call?)
To eschew this 'brasive, debasing, and goofy status of ours?
(Segun) Chased with the gawd (Streaux)
And you who've embraced the raping of our greatest music creation
Are due for a rude awakening brewing laced in our bars
We use your faces as our targets
And you can bet your removal is soon enhastened
You Lucifer dating harlots

(Mista Dent)
Truth is stronger than fiction, but as long as I'm living
Man, what's hidden in the dome is at home when I'm spinning
Like a black merry-go-round
Fire breathing horses, platinum chariots crowned, with gold rims and spikes
To put your Timbs and Nikes
With a DJ in the center, shawty this is so important:
He's bumping "SpottieOttieDopalicious" on an organ
The instrument or the heart? The heart is an instrument!
Artistry? Don't mention it!
It will outlast wars
Written on stone walls down to Calabash Gourds
Yes, my style is that raw

And my style is that pure:
Inspires a mass furor
Reigniting minds who've been idle, or hash cured, or
Ravaged through rap's whoredom
And have decided abandoning it is vital
For lives to withstand abortion
I, of course, reside at the source of Light
And forge a course borne right through the storm
So ride
May every line shake and shatter your core
'Til all that stands of your embattled décor
Is what you're battling for
Every line'll shake and shatter your core
'Til all that stands is your natural décor
That's what you're battling for

Like a flambe platter I anniahlate matter
Turn people to people ashes 'til they're flakes and scattered
And attempts at fine art will get shattered and crushed
Like I took a sledge hammer to a classical bust
No percussion
Intrigued by a wrote of cocoa production
Darker than cocoa
Causing an epic explosion
Eh-eh-eh-etching and scorching
Stone structures and embossing
Like I brought it from the mountain side abroad and just tossed it
Got 'em dialed inside of a mountain of raw shxt
Like I had my thumb on the mouth of a faucet

Softly as if I play piano in the dark
As if I play piano in the dark
Aas if I play piano in the dark
Found a way to channel my anger, now to embark
Thoughts pass through my mental when I hear an instrumental


released February 4, 2022
Production by S. Dent
Lyrics by G. R. Daggett, and S. Dent
Mixed by G. R. Daggett for Sound Of Cannae
Mastered at Ridge22 Studios

Ⓒ & Ⓟ Sound Of Cannae 2022


all rights reserved



Sound Of Cannae Los Angeles, California

'Ca-NIGH' |
Viam inveniam aut faciam |
Sxvxnt (formerly Savant of RAREBREED) • Quin Rémy • Giardy Bennett • David Lakes

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