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Chosen Two (Men Of Bars) feat. Habeas and RTST (prod. by Habeas)

by Sxvxnt



Third single from Sxvxnt's "Absent Without Leave" project.


[Verse 1 Intro: Sxvxnt]
Corpus, Sxvxnt
Men Of Bars
Check it

[Verse 1: Sxvxnt]
Steady like a sniper's breath
Every line weighs heavy like a pirate's chest
I and mine stand ready with a bevy of rhymes sharp as machetes
Just to levy at a liar’s breast
Quiet as it’s kept
Tucson and the CHI collect
In the league of SB and the REF
See the 'BREED sew the seams once the bars connect
Leaving all other teams pleading for the squad to rest (Nyet!)
You'd do better in a spar with Death
Than pulling cards in the yard with this broad collective
Check the kid float across the crest
And draw vets over beats 'Beas Corp' perfected
What y'all expected?
You all dyslexic?
You had to know the god had regard for left shxt
I bomb sets with atomic compression
This verse just earned an all-star selection
Check the method

[Verse 2 Intro: $aebaH]
We're the last of many
We're the chosen two
Unh hunh, check

[Verse 2: $aebaH]
So many in the game
No money, it's just change
And still I remain real hungry and in pain
Most these lames are hunting for the fame
My tracks are better; you're nothing but a name
Sxvxnt hit me up and packed a punch
Finally I'm outshined on a track for once
Make amends? Nah, you can take offense to that
Don't come to me and say your friends can rap
Better play the fence
I escape the trenches
There won't be any way you'll send me back
I've been crawling my way
I'm so raw, I've decayed
Make a beat, record, mix and call it a day
Got it clear that I'm not just with the hollering
And I can walk in the Apocalypse for play
And y'all are so obsessed with 'Pac and Big
But I wonder what 'Pac and Big would say (Probably nothing good)

[Scratch Verse Intro: Sxvxnt ($aebaH)]
First and foremost, 'preciate you putting me on this track
(Of course)
Chosen two
Men Of Bars
Chi-City to Tucson (520)
(Get 'em!)
Get 'em, my dude

[Scratch Verse: RTST]
Top of my game
Maybe just forfeit
Born to be the G-O-A-T
Get the respect
I'm convinced I'm the best

[Outro: Blood, Sweat & Tears]
They are the nameless almighty
They are the numberless few
They are the faceless almighty
They are the merciless few


released November 13, 2020
Production by K. N. Whitley
Lyrics by G. R. Daggett, K. N. Whitley, and E. Gupana
Scratches by Rice the Sound Transmitter
Additional writing by: Bob James, David Clayton-Thomas and William Daniel Smith
Recorded and mixed by K. N. Whitley at Smoke Brothers Studios for Smoke Brothers Productions
Mastered at Ridge22 Studios

Ⓒ & Ⓟ Sound Of Cannae 2020


all rights reserved



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Independent music imprint, est. 2018

Pronounced 'Ca-NIGH' | "Viam inveniam aut faciam"

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