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Wayfare, Vol. 1

by Satchill Head & Sxvxnt

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jupiterfour By default Chicago 1800 is a favorite, however København 0400 has been in my favorites rotation for a while. All three tracks are gold✨️

Thank you for creating amazing music✨️
🎶🔥🎧 Favorite track: Chicago 1800.
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dmidget07 Such an incredible artist… your words are the pinnacle of passion over a padded beat..🥰
Chicago 1800 03:39
Sound Of Cannae It's Sxvxnt, man! Pen rips Pad stitch Son kicking these rhymes Basten Pen rips Pad stitch Son kicking the rhymes Basten Dos The kid's kind of suave Different cast: flagship of the Sound It's light, y'all Spit liquid and fire bars Might thaw you out your melanin Yakubians'll get it worse: scorched to the skeleton So tell a friend that Cannae's about to get it in Meddle and dishevel whatever you thought was settled, and Leveled and leave it scourged Better believe it, y'all Blaze a 50 with the squad and bless the mic right up to God Quiet dogs bite hard, word to Mos, pa Show y'all I'm Semper Paratus: Dos, the coast guard All comers get thrown like a Ryan toss Y'all are one hit wonders, like Feller and Ryan, hoss Feel the force when I spark and the flow starts Got your women swimming and wishing I'd leave their throats warm And your broad was pleading for me to run in it raw I brushed ma off like Obama did Bill's squaw The star The dirty rotten scoundrel off-shoot Call me a Nerdy Rotten Scoundrel I'm shaking your sound booth And breaking new ground, too And making new boundaries with whatever I pound, duke Like a rebound smooth snagged I'm right in the groove's bag These nxggas just like to sag on the rhyme 'til the groove drags That's wack Effetes just live on the back beat Contrasting my style I lead the heat at the track meet Indelibly waxing Forever with brash steez This fella will never ever be reveling in lacking In rapping or anything else Rapidly mincing through spells Passion implanted, stacked on the rack while I'm giving you hell Packing the mac in the back of the Ac? Nah, I just be crashing the wax with the backing of Satch, you see? Spitting steam and preening these spazzed patterns Fundamentally nerdy, dirty Carries the class lantern, right? Off campus like hall passes, tiiiight Wilder than Van when at last he strides Reynolds you nxggas with a riddling of raps in rind/Ryan Cracking your jawline, broad side, strong like the Hawk flies EquiSZN means open season on hog ties And wrested peace from the scores who’re screeching ‘bout all lives You’ll rest in pieces if you ain’t speak up when ‘Quan died Or let the death of Rekia cede that the law’s blind Or set with reticence at the fleecing of Ron’s spine And let it sit in secret abreast a heaping of Rahm’s lies Motherfxck all who’re with Rahm aligned Word to Jabari Dean, Wallahi, may the spawn of the Onyx rise From Bronze to Austin, Gardens to Hyde Garfield to Washington Heights, Lawn and to all who reside From darker than I to one drop in a porcelain tide It’s fxck twelve, fxck 5-0, bomb on the blue wall of the Chi Six! Seven! Eight! Nine! Ten! Eleven! Fxck twelve! Pen rips Pad stitch Son kicking these rhymes Basten (Repeat) Pen rips Pad stitch Basten Yeah Full tilt Yeah And you say Chi-City Forever Rest in peace, LaQuan McDonald Rekia Boyd Ronald Johnson III Fxck 12 'Til the blue wall turns purple Yeah
Sound Of Cannae It's Sxvxnt, man! Yeah Let me get a little more volume? Little bit more? Moto, moto, moto Moto, moto, moto Moto Yeah That's good That's perfect. I got it Yo Pen-less Pad-less Full tilt with the rhyme Axis Pen-less Pad-less Full tilt with the rhyme Axis Pen-less Pad-less Full tilt with the rhyme Axis Pen-less Pad-less Axis Dos Rap game Ari Gold Smack lames and snatch dames from maricons Abstain from rowdy boasts Ask Lakes who stacks cake: Crocker flow Mig Danish for 'moi' French for 'mani' Latvian for mě Czech for 'pe mine' Romanian, right? For the object pronoun of "I" That's 5 Tongues spoken by the sire from Chi Leave these hxes sprung open like an uncoiled wire But I I don’t play with fire Knowing Stax is home with that fire That's right She's Uerfaren, but she's all right Eyes brighter than strobe lights About as fly as nine Dos flights On my tour, right With Cuatro, right And my young buol Lakes Steady burning down a forest like Mokum ain't up next on the board, kid Finna be soaring before we're boarding And have the whole first class roaring Until I enter the picture And shift their attention like "who is this nxgger?! What's his name, how's he here, what's he do?!" Well, I rap, bxtch. How 'bout you? Or I might be more polite, shxt, that's word to United I'll say something like "I Write" Or "With the horn, I'm nice" Or "I've scored a few shows that might've scored some light Aight?" But that still won't fly They'll still want to make sure that my ticket is right Fine These Caucasoids ain't gon' kill my vibe 'Cuz we globe trot, and show rock and Combs said we won't stop I thought I told you, what y'all ain't heard? I'm from the city where 'Hustle' is life Not a verb Where Cicero and Washington Twist lines The center of L.U.'s empire And She might have a pillow to my grind But She's a pillar to my grind And She's the illest with the rhyme: L-U, J.U., Twista, Com Open Mike, Bump J, Jenkins, Va Spencer, Defcee, Angelenah, Zaar AMS, 2G, Fillmore, Psalm Longshot, Dee Jack, JDP, Pha Since9ine, Mista Dent, Omen, Di I could keep the names rolling along But that Amsterdam flight and show's tomorrow And the alarm buzz just went off on my old Girard And I'm running out of beat so I'll close the drawer And have Satch hit the stove some more Satch cold with the pro, for sure Did a thorough Simone With this sample, and landed on some gold, for sure Lord, it's pure Raw by the pound An ill groove with a bop and a supple sound Something smooth I can rock with a supple style Got me spewing off the top out in København Yeah Unh Pen-less Pad-less Full tilt with the rhyme Axis Pen-less Pad-less Full tilt with the rhyme Axis Pen-less Pad-less Axis Yeah Full tilt What's good, Stax? Whatdown, Satch? Fxck 12 Oh my god! Yeah That was crazy!
Sound Of Cannae It's Sxvxnt, man! Pen drips Pad's thick Sun slick with the rhyme Wax shxt Pen drips Pad's thick Sun slick with the rhyme Wax shxt Pen drips Pad's thick Sun slick with the rhyme Wax shxt Pen drips Pad's thick Wax shxt Yeah Dos And I'll do this shxt to the dizeath Kettle stay on my mind, though the fitted had to get lizeft Trying to stay out the street, out the desert and out these harlots Got a third passport to target, and SOC as the squad Even Cuatro can’t keep me modest with Equis season upon us IEM on the docket, and AWOL seething my pockets And all of this popping while globe trotting like I’m from Harlem The City Of Gardens Is where I’m mobbing while mom and pops are like Listen son, we see your sparkling light Often in motion, boarding on a flight, never home beyond a night Tethered to your calendar, Getzen, cell and of course your mic Gliding through the prime of your life with nan thought of a wife? I’ve neither the space or time Not even the state of mind Ain't enough space in my racing lane At this pace of mine A place divine Adjacent to Ambridge is this wave that I’m riding Unless her name is-- Nan dame bringing stasis to I Besides my roster's got Lakers-ish vibes Got a rotation that's amazing A starting 5 for the ages Plus The Kidd's coaching better than Jason And my newest draft class got them '85 makings Got a Hoodish bronze fling, she don't need caking And a youthful blonde ting, looks like OG Raven And a cougar to keep it hot as the heat she stays in Keep things blazing Keep my steez from being too brazen Aah Nahmean that's just the big 3 placement That alone would’ve ceased the Heatles from deep ring chasing Better believe the squad’s elite The hell would I need to stop and see When every bree that I bed keeps it breezy And never beseeches the god to freeze Let me Swerve and be, I’m just peeved at the loss of Phoe Nah let me Curb and breathe, I’m still grieving squandering Peach Heavy And word to me I ain’t ceded to offing Keen and Shelly And certainly haven’t peaced it with God and me If I ponder, that’s probably Nah, if honest, it’s obviously All the cause that I’m all afleet and abscond From watering seeds Or even sowing aside of my grind to see Why would I live at the stride of Hailie, when time is Donovan’s speed? I’d rather the hunt in lieu of the harvest The carnivore life to omni-- Brother in law and uncle, in lieu of husband and father I'm more shooter than archer More Ruthless than Motown More Kubrick than Oliver More Rizzuto than Zoe Pound But if I should settle my roots If I choose to move to slow down I’ma run up raw in something a wolf couldn’t blow down Something dark as moi with more mood than Union to go ‘round If it go down, she don’t blow town Mama load up then blow rounds Shots, slugs, and shells And give all hell to pronouns Kinda like Violet sans the diddy, flopping, and hxe style Check the Sol dial, it’s on It's EquiSZN, the launch Setting fires to squads from Melbourne Yeah Unh Pen drips Pad's thick Sun slick with the rhyme Wax shxt Pen drips Pad's thick Sun slick with the rhyme Wax shxt Pen drips Pad's thick Wax sh!t Yeah And it's still full tilt, nxgga


Select Sxvxnt journal entries in rap form on wax. Song titles (location+time stamp), Drake inspired. Production (by Satchill Head), Madlib inspired. Bar approach (stream of consciousness+densely packed “verbal vomit”), MF DOOM inspired.


released May 23, 2023

Raps by Sxvxnt (G. R. Daggett)
All songs produced by Satchill Head (W. Jones)
Recorded at Amberwood Studios
Mixed by: Darias Lanham and Sxvxnt
Mastered by: Seth Hamilcar
Distributed by Sound Of Cannae, Santa Monica, CA


all rights reserved



Sound Of Cannae Santa Monica, California

Independent music imprint, est. 2018

Pronounced 'Ca-NIGH' | "Viam inveniam aut faciam"


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