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Here We Go feat. John Public and D. Lanham (prod. by BennCart)

by Sxvxnt



[Intro Adlibs]

[Verse 1: Ohini Jonez]
The cat's in the cradle, platinum spoon
I'm eating off a king's table
Surpassed Cain now Jonez slings Abel
Blood shed lyrics that cry over your fables
From the underground but I'm still over heads so it's something like a crown
Silk hat for a pig or tiara for a clown
Notebook spiral: the galaxy's unbound
Galactic acid trip never come down
I'm on the come up, reverse missionary
Abstract tracks, we're the real visionaries
Your poets' society fills cemeteries
Skip the old guard, I'm Chris Paul and they're buried
And it seems I get no February
14th for my 16s from you Marburys
Who crack up for camera lenses and won't vary
So I'm unfxckwithable; no Mary

[Hook: Sxvxnt]
So here we go (Here we go!)
Here we go (Here we go!)
'Hini Jonez, Johnny Pub and Stanstro (Here we go!)
So here we go: it's the trio
With flows tighter than Speedos
And Benny beating like Ringo
We glow like the old Beatles
Here we go (Here we go!)
Here we go (Here we go!)
'Hini Jonez, Johnny Pub and Stanstro

[Verse 2: John Public]
Come on the track like "dun di dun DUN!"
Board shorts, boat shoes; I told you the polo's stunting
Kracken and Ginger in the solo cup and a-Yankee fitted up
I am back mxthfuckas!
G-shock weighing my wrist down
Get clipped now 'cuz rhymes is a pistol whip now
Cheating spits these adulterous scripts out
Wrecking homes/holmes, the way these flows gon' go hit now
She said I wasn’t a man
Ok, I’ll be that
Pussy’s what I eat
So I am, I'll concede that
Never go in without a rubber, you jerks
Especially if you're broke and can barely afford her!
But I digress; I’m organic, you're manmade
In the circle, you're Urkle fucking up the handshake
When I’m in a mood, I’m chin checking fools
Points for joints, more for testicles
Combine and deploy Siamese Muay Thai knees
Designed to destroy emcees from coining corny lines, B
I’m flammable, dude
It’s understandable you’d stop and ask for a hand like it was cannibal food
Man, Sxvxnt said that he’d be needing some shxt
So he came and got me and Ohini to spit
And with Ludacris' speed, pansy rappers getting damaged
I toss them across the room like Rick Moranis!


[Verse 3: Sxvxnt]
I've got the beat, I'll rock it and dump it
Emcees, your armor is nothing
These three will slide by and let them things spout
And if there's beef, we'll chop it and dump it with ease
Your drama is touching to we
It's live how we 'X' the lames out
Etch and stretch our lanes until they're something like your dame's spout
It's like sending a straw down the hall of L'il Wayne's house
So sketch our names in the frames with the sickest slingers of slang
Johnny: Jersey's burbia blitzed with his verbal 'caine
Ohini: Georgians roar from the twist in his southern twang
Stro: The IL/ill spitters get chills when his tongue's inflamed
"Tonz 'O' Gunz" ablaze these Gurus shatter and shame
Swagger enchanted bastards with bars of a parrot's cage
You can bet the wreckage will stir and inspire waves of
Pleasure and relishing blessings through the game from
Every sequestered emcee who's ever been staged up
By clowns directing more effort into their make up



released January 7, 2022
Production by B. Cartman
Lyrics by G. R. Daggett, B. Munson, and D. Lanham
Mixed by J. Howard for Peerless Recording Group
Mastered at Ridge22 Studios

Ⓒ & Ⓟ Sound Of Cannae 2022


all rights reserved



Sound Of Cannae Los Angeles, California

'Ca-NIGH' |
Viam inveniam aut faciam |
Sxvxnt (formerly Savant of RAREBREED) • Quin Rémy • Giardy Bennett • David Lakes

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