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On the Crown feat. Dominique Larue and DJ Inform (prod. by Severe Beats)

by Sxvxnt



Third single from Sxvxnt’s “Initial Entry” project.

Sxvxnt’s words: “A lot of my favorite hip-hop/rap songs are recorded/performed by solo rappers who team up for bar volleying instead of the standard ‘verse-hook-verse-hook’ format. Songs like Pac & Snoop’s '2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted', AZ & Nas' 'The Essence', Jay & Big’s 'Brooklyn’s Finest', Beanie Sigel & Scarface’s 'Mac & Brad', and Gemstones & Lupe Fiasco’s 'We On' showcase what I believe to be the best of what rap music has to offer creatively, and I don’t hear very many songs following that format anymore. 'On the Crown' serves as both a step toward hopefully reversing that trend.”


Barbaric wave rider, blade biter, sage writer, page lighter
Who buries all inferior knave minded slave rhymers
I pave winding ways passing through crisis
Stage the erasing of assuaged who won't battle the sirens

Move through quick, shatter the silence
From the capital:
Northside, that's my environment
Clash of the Titans so you understand what I mean
Got the world in my hands like the man with the strings

And this tandem you see is even handed, believe we handle
The standard with ease and then enhance and increase
I'll be damned if these feeble ass, swag distracted cheeba wraps
Mask with vapid blabbing what should stand as the pique of rap

Watch it, let me bring it back, run up on 'em slipping, that's how we react
Ya'll don't fight 'cuz this is not an easy task
Keep on talking greasy, cross the street we'll need to beat his ass
Keep it moving cheetah fast

Sxvxnt (Larue):
'D, that's a Serena smash (Forehand)
Never beaten path (strolling)
Where we be at, (No man)
Dares travel; that pass for the elite, in fact

Oh damn, the closer's here; no chance
For rappers tryna hold hands
And nowhere near to slow dance
In the kitchen with the devil thinking this is romance

Sxvxnt (Larue):
No stroking, this is Stro and (Owens)
From the 'Go and (Oh-Ten)
Masters of flow with a ravenous dose overmatching opponents
(Show them)
You can feel it in your toes to the middle of your throat
Hit the track with a choke slam
Bad to the bone, dump and ravage your home
With the wrath of a Roman
Reload then

Hit 'em in the open

Sxvxnt [Both]:
Roast them [Go]

Right where it counts
Drop right here and now
Cops might clear it out
Shots right near your mouth
For talking all that mess, it’s not nice in this house
Spotlight's on me now



'Cuz the stage is set tonight; it's a rout

So tell me where you at; I got my sights on the South
Southwest; I'm talking Cali, say goodnight, then I bounce
The excitement's arousing
You feel it? It's enticing, empowering
Take you to new heights when you're grounded

Overpowering slights by the thousands
With every style switch
Ascension heightens by miles
‘Til we’re sitting right in the clouds
Sh!tting right in the mouths of rivals
Who deny espousal that I and mine are The Crown

And we enliven the crowd

'Cuz every line is resounding

Until you’re tired and drowned

You're leveled nigh by the pounding

The lightning's striking you down

While rebels rise when the sound peaks

And they admire us, how?

They’re mesmerized when The Crown speaks

DJ Inform scratches and cuts


released November 20, 2018
Beat by B. Sokoli
Lyrics by G. R. Daggett and D. Owens
Scratches by B. Fishman
Mixed by A. Rice for Jordan River Recordings
Mastered at Ridge22 Studios

Ⓒ & Ⓟ Sound Of Cannae 2018


all rights reserved



Sound Of Cannae Los Angeles, California

'Ca-NIGH' |
Viam inveniam aut faciam |
Sxvxnt (formerly Savant of RAREBREED) • Quin Rémy • Giardy Bennett • David Lakes

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