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Rely On Me feat. Dominique Larue and Dee Jackson (of '80s Babies) (prod. by iIL MeeL)

by Sxvxnt



Fourth and final single from Sxvxnt's "Absent Without Leave" project.


Muthaf*cking JAM!

[Verse 1: Dominique Larue]
You are number 1
Never number 2
I never want to lose
If I can make it better, well tell me what do
'Cuz you ain't gotta worry
Cross my heart I'll be there
You know that mommy cares 'cuz
You're my priority
It's something that you need?
You rely on me
Swear you're my homie
There when I'm lonely
Keep your eyes on me
Know what I'm saying, babe? Look
Nine pounds, six ounces
Damn near lost you
And even then I wasn't prepared for what it cost you
Almost lost my baby
Half gone crazy
They say they've got to get him out and that's going to save him
Opened up to your arrival got the scar to prove it
And I know you need my love go ahead and draw the fluid
Teach you everything I know you are my star student
And you know I've got the heart to do it
You've got to feel me, right?

And when the rain falls just rely on me
And you know who to call when your ride's on E
When God seems far keep your dial on speed
Regardless of the draw, just rely on me

[Verse 2: Dee Jackson (of the '80s Babies)]
Since the first day of your life you were chosen
My face is the first thing you saw when your eyes opened
I can keep the wheels in motion
Stay focused and cherish each moment
Like it's golden
I vow
To never let you down
My princess soon to be a queen, you don't need a crown
I live my life
Just to see you smile
Destroy pedophiles and these haters on the prowl
Lay your head down anywhere you want to rest
No stress
I'm your walking bulletproof vest
Never hesitate to give my life up for yours
If I don't have the key, girl I'm breaking down doors
Y'all know the drill: it's a wrap like Skillz
Like EPMD son, "You gots to chiiiiill"
'Cuz nothing in this world could ever stop us
Never underestimate the love of a father


[Verse 3: Sxvxnt]
Unh... JR
You were born prior to the birthday of Christ
By 24 hours and word to your life
You can bet your birth served me a purpose and light
For the words that I write
Purge and recite
No better cure of a type than your vitality and
Verve, it's a sight that incites thousands
And revives thousands more arousing shores
The LA to Long Island and thousands
More... And more
My eyes became yours at the moment you enlivened
And roused my core
When you smiled I swear (I swore)
Not a man will ever harm nigh a hair (Not yours)
And if ever you should falter then hear (My call)
Run from nothing, never stall never fear (Not at all)
You might stagger, you might fall, but you'll ne'er (Lay gone)
You're a Daggett, you are strong, you are RARE (JR)

[Hook 2x]


released November 27, 2020
Production by J. Gibson
Lyrics by G. R. Daggett, D. Owens, and D. Jackson
Mixed by J. Howard for Peerless Recording Group
Mastered at Ridge22 Studios

Ⓒ & Ⓟ Sound Of Cannae 2020


all rights reserved



Sound Of Cannae Los Angeles, California

'Ca-NIGH' |
Viam inveniam aut faciam |
Sxvxnt (formerly Savant of RAREBREED) • Quin Rémy • Giardy Bennett • David Lakes

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