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Don't Think feat. D. Lanham (prod. by D. Lanham)

by Sxvxnt

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Sxvxnt x D. Lanham collaborations mean one thing: bars. "Don't Think" is their latest tandem installment.


(Lanham Intro):
Don't think
Water doesn't think
It just adapts
Let's go in....

(Lanham verse):
Hannibal on elephant back over the track
In your face like TV and token Blacks
Cut like scratched wax
Burn like wicks inside of that
I'm on one: grab your fire hat
Want my title back
The K-9 hip hop heavyweight
The pen's like a surreal Hemingway
Baby, I'm star; I'm 2 mill Centigrade
Stole the show, and got life for killing center stage
I ventilate and the byproduct is acid
Link with Dos and the byproduct is classic
Biological warfare pressed into plastic
Manifested as ink in open air turning active
I haven't rapped like this since "Kid Ikarus"
Bipolar disorder influencing all the dissidents, militants, and miscreants
Rap god
And you can meet a choir of angels for saying different
Ignorant of anything that could oppose me
The mirror is the only thing that could expose me
On this plateau sitting on my lonely
Sitting talking to self, so the CIA should clone me
Fxck a chain, nxgga
Nothing owns me
I resign or die: you can't dethrone me
To the underground, I'm a fault line
Burn like the inner core
Muthafxck a top 5

(Sxvxnt verse):
Check your man Dos' flow
It's lucid
You can bet I'll let my pad show foes bright as fuchsia
I'll poop a better line than their rhymes finding usage
Proof's invariably found in the brown of my bowel movements
Study my live stoolage
No confusion: canary bright and clear
Aside of Ohini Jonez, these nxggas known to carry olive rears
I don't compare to not a/nada peer
Just the revered of this rap shxt
The fact is the crimson in my veins is G Rap's, bxtch
No lights, camera, action
I'm slapping actors backward with my Black hand side
Leave them as Blue as Old School and the frat van ride
Duke abuses Pro Tools like a crack addict, I
Leave you marooned with your crew like Iraqi GI's
But in the Chi
Under the amber slash tangerine skies
Witness the arsenic, scar driven, long sinning, God-jilted, dart spitting, Dark City
Dos stay killing tracks like I'm guardless, it's
Appalling to hear what y'all render artistic
A stark difference
What y'all insist on exalting is
A spark drawn for despondence
Drawing nigh on the audience
Vying to be enlightened by iron minded barsmiths
I and my accomplice are drying eyes and we're targeting
Barless and heartless rivals tying lives to their troths, shxt
Atrocities spawned via mics in each palm
Each strike is beyond each bomb that even Sadaam can dream on
And we are
Inspired by every line in the Psalms
Let the honour be ours
The giant, he has been primed to be mauled


released August 23, 2022
Production by D. Lanham
Lyrics by G. R. Daggett, and D. Lanham
Mixed by Jordan River Recordings
Mastered at Ridge22 Studios

Ⓒ & Ⓟ Sound Of Cannae 2022


all rights reserved



Sound Of Cannae Los Angeles, California

'Ca-NIGH' |
Viam inveniam aut faciam |
Sxvxnt (formerly Savant of RAREBREED) • Quin Rémy • Giardy Bennett • David Lakes

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